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May 23, 2017


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Triple Agent


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Triple Agent! is a mobile party game about deception and espionage for 5-9 people and a single device.

How To Play

Get Your Briefing

Each player either works for an intelligence agency called The Service or plays a double agent in their midst. The double agents know who is on their team, but the other players must rely on their wits to figure out who is who.

Complete Operations

Throughout the game each player gets one operation that affects the game in some minor or major way: You could get information about other players, a secret agenda that gives you a new way to win, or you might even have to swap teams! Say as much about your operation as you want, but know that the other players might be lying about the information they received.

Find the Traitors

After everyone has completed their operation you get two minutes to discuss who you suspect are the double agents. When the time runs out players vote secretly on one player to imprison. If it was a double agent, the Service wins! If a Service agent was imprisoned, VIRUS wins.


Patient Zero

You can trace Triple Agent all the way back to 2009, to a card game prototype by Sig. The game was "Virus", a mafia variant where one player starts as a virus Host and infects a new player every round. It was fun and showed promise but wasn’t exactly viable in its physical form. Hiding the Host’s interaction with other players so their identity could remain hidden was tricky.

A Mobile Hidden Role Game

Fast forward 7 years to 2016. Sig had just moved back to Iceland after studying Game Design at the NYU Game Center and met up with Torfi, a game designer and programmer working in Reykjavik. We wanted to make a game together and were throwing ideas around to see what stuck. Around that time we played a prototype of a single device hidden-role game by Martin Jonasson and Petri Purho. Playing such a deep social game on a mobile device was a huge inspiration for us. We’re both huge board game players and love playing and making games where you play face to face with your friends. We started to think about game ideas that could work in this setting. Remembering Sig’s Virus we realized it could work really well on this platform.

The First Prototype

After modifying the design for mobile, we had a prototype up and running in a few days. This version put players in the role of space station crew. One player started out as the Host and their goal was to infect everyone aboard. The humans had to figure out who is the Host and kill them before the virus spread too far. Interacting with other players through the phone worked well but the design had some issues, so we decided to shelve it while pursuing other game ideas.

Triple Agent Is Born

After several months of trying out different ideas we had to decide on a project to complete. We took a hard look at each of our prototypes. When we started talking about Virus we saw potential for a different kind of game with the same format. We shortened the game to just a single vote phase to determine the winning team. Then we added randomly chosen events to give players something to talk about and base their decisions on. Finally we changed the theme to a more approachable Cold War-era spy theme that also fit the design better. After a few months of iteration and polish we felt like we had something we could release to the world.

Our Mission

Although Triple Agent requires a phone to play, the phone is simply a facilitator. The game does not take place on the phone, the game really takes places in the physical space between the players. In the darting glances and piercing glares. The accusatory remarks and proclamations of innocence that fly across the table. Triple Agent is not a game that you could play over the internet or against a bot. Being able to look at someone in the eye when you ask them whether they are a double agent is absolutely critical to the game’s function. We founded Tasty Rook because we believe games can be a facilitator of social interaction in a way no other medium can. They can alter the social space the participants share and let them explore it together in ways they never would normally. Board games have been doing this for centuries but digital media opens up entirely new ways to create these sorts of experiences. This space has been mostly unexplored up to this point and Triple Agent is our first excursion into it.


  • No setup! Just pick up your phone or tablet.
  • Learn as you play! No rules-reading required.
  • Nobody’s left out! The device itself will guide your game.
  • Different every time! Random sets of operations make every game feel fresh.
  • Short rounds! Play a quick game or again and again.




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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nordic Sensation Award Nominee." - Nordic Game Conference 2017
  • "Indie Game Expo Selection." - RESPAWN 2017
  • "IndieCade Europe Selection." - IndieCade Europe 2017

Selected Articles

  • "Triple Agent might be the freshest Mafia-like "secret teams" game I've played since Two Rooms and a Boom"
    - Douglas Wilson, doougle.net
  • "Triple Agent. Social deduction for 5 to 9 players on one phone. It's fantastic, get it. We are yelling at each other all the time"
    - John Bain, TotalBiscuit
  • "Triple Agent is a good game that your gamer and non-gamer friends will enjoy."
    - Hoaran Un, Kotaku Australia

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Torfi Asgeirsson
Game Designer, Programmer

Sig Gunnarsson
Game Designer, Art Director

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